Make It Bun Dem (Original Mix)

Artist: Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley

Genre: Dubstep
Post by: Koni
Submitted on: May 02, 2012 08:17:17 (BST)

Size: 8.4 MB
Bitrate: 320 bps
Length: 03:33

Detail: Big rega-step!!!

Muito show...sem idéia
by Walisson 6 years ago
@Klaastyle: You are an ignorant fuckwit mate. The reason it's called DUBstep is that it was originally based on the bass-heavy DUB music, which is reggae music with live loops, reverb, effects and sampling applied. So, no reggae => no 'dubstep'. Fuck people like you piss me off. This is by far the best song Skrillex has ever done, and I would love it if he went back to the roots more often. Go and listen to metal if you want heavy shit.
by Stefdogg 6 years ago
Realmente essa pareria do 'Skrillex' com o 'Damian Jr. Gong Marley' vai ficar para historia... Fucking.. Nice track!!!!!
by Claudio_Miller 6 years ago
this track goes hard fuck the haters
by AV8R 6 years ago
let´s make sure Klasstyle doesn´t breath from now on for pronouncing such a blame
by mexidutch 6 years ago
FUCKING SHIT TRACK! reggea for GANJAH people and DUBSTEP for the other don't mix it IT'S HORRIBLE
by Klaastyle 6 years ago
Awesome. Just pain awesome :)
by cmkazmer 6 years ago
REGA- Step ha NICE!!
by Djclastoz 6 years ago

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