Switch (Extended Mix)

Artist: Don Diablo

Genre: Electro
Post by: RussianGoose
Submitted on: January 05, 2017 15:17:03 (GMT)

Size: 9.0 MB
Bitrate: 320 bps
Length: 03:52

Detail: Great track by Don Diablo!

oh and by the way like @SuperStereo says the quality of this upload is just garbage listen to it on his facebook page it sounds great there
by Prettrompet 3 years ago
why all these negative feedback? If u listen with decent headphones u hear the sound design isnt just a 5 sec layering LOL holy fck its actually crazy how he tuned that shit big ups
by Prettrompet 3 years ago
the dl link is shit...
by SuperStereo 3 years ago
Ya his last few have been garbage, time to roll it back don
by Keebler 3 years ago
what is this DD...
by TORzone 3 years ago

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