Buzzer (Original Mix)

Artist: Oliver Heldens

Genre: House
Post by: Koni
Submitted on: October 07, 2013

Size: 12.6 MB
Bitrate: 320 bps
Length: 05:30

Detail: Enjoy ;)

Mr. Weed
Koni, upload this one. Spaceman (Davoodi Bootleg) - Hardwell. Peopl will love it :)
by Mr. Weed 1 year ago
Drop it harder
yeah @Dr.Funk is right, you are annoying @ironiikerDj
by Drop it harder 1 year ago
i love the intro ^_^
by j2DAd 1 year ago
Dr. Funk
Ironiiker, please be respectful to ALL members of the website. This is your first warning, if this happens again ANYWHERE on the website you will be muted and/or banned from the website. Thank you for your cooperation.
by Dr. Funk 1 year ago
by OlivierHeldens 1 year ago
Could you guys.. please not spam at the comment section of songs about other tracks to be uploaded by koni?...
by TechNiek 1 year ago
KONI PLEASE...Hardwell & MAKJ - Countdown (Original Mix)!!!
by IroniikerDj 1 year ago
I'm also waiting for Oliver Heldens ft. Alvar & Millas - Onyva to be uploaded. Would be nice if someone could upload Jasper Dietze - Recon too.
by razylich 1 year ago
what about Dohr & Mangold vs Jonathan Mendelsohn - Hurricane and Oliver Heldens ft. Alvar & Millas - Onyva
by EnvyHwell 1 year ago
I like the melody Oliver, but the drop.. mwah, I prefer a different drop that suits the track better.
by TechNiek 1 year ago

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