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LivingElectro is made by electro music fans for electro music fans, the website that took its first breath on August 15, 2008. Since then our community has grown tremendously especially in the last few years and this improvement never fails to amaze us. Many DJs, producers and members contribute to LivingElectro.

After the version 3 is released LivingElectro is acquired by Domoon Interactive Ltd. LivingElectro V4 is launched on 17th Of Feb 2012. Right now the Mobile version is under developing by Domoon and the release date is expected to be 2012 June.

Together with our community members we'd like to provide the best electro music exprience to you. We also want to give every DJ and producer opportunity to promote their work, connect with the audience. We have worked with lots of electro musicians and help them on the way to a higher level.

We believe LivingElectro took an extra step towards solving the problems of the new generation of internet users looking for a simple and yet powerful way to share mix and remix on the World Wide Web. So we created a web platform that not only allows our internet friends to obtain new, free, exclusiave mix & remix but to do that in a socially-charged atmosphere.

We are still able to give fresh, new artists and DJs a chance to submit and expose their music to millions of viewers and listeners across the world. But our assistance doesn't stop there. LivingElectro is growing everyday, and our future goals will impact the music industry in a way no other electro website has ever thought of.

In the long and short term, our goal is to change the way club music lovers pursue their hobby. We intend to include more interactive Web 2.0 features on our website so our visitors feel been part of the one, big LivingElectro community.

Thank you.

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