Wolfgang Gartner Ft. Will.I.Am - Forever (Radio Edit)
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Forever (Radio Edit)

Artist: Wolfgang Gartner Ft. Will.I.Am

Genre: Electro
Post by: Eduard
Submitted on: April 10, 2011 17:09:34 (BST)

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Length: 00:00

Detail: Future BOMB! Enjoy!

yeah wtf... will.i.am cant sing haha. i still think its alright tho. just sayin'
by Hedders 7 years, 11 months ago
@guillaumevez i think they do that so it sounds more commercial & able to be played on the main radio stations to get known more but i honestly i dont like the radio much they play same stuff way to much, wolfgang alone is good :)
by murcs 8 years ago
so true amen and byossek, why all these dj's have to bring anoying pop stars to ruined their songs
by guillaumevez 8 years ago
@Dj Byossek ----> soooooooo true :( :(
by amen 8 years ago
Dj Byossek
wtf wolfgang don't need "Will i am" lyrics... I dislike this one cause of Will i am!
by Dj Byossek 8 years ago
by SwaggeRDavo 8 years ago
pls pls pls pls pls no lyrics :(
by amen 8 years ago
AWESOME :D true story :P
by patti_9000 8 years ago
Sherief A.
Nice Song :)
by Sherief A. 8 years ago
Love It!
by Portugal4Life 8 years ago

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