Lou Bega - This Is Ska (Klaas Radio Edit)
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This Is Ska (Klaas Radio Edit)

Artist: Lou Bega

Genre: Electro
Post by: DJ Di0niS
Submitted on: June 14, 2011 16:33:17 (BST)

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Detail: Enjooy :)

MI PIACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by EmiElectro 7 years ago
i seriously don't like this song at all. and it is not ska in any way. i got excited that maybe electro and ska united to make an awesome sound but this just isn't good
by ilovelobsters5 7 years ago
Didnt like it....
by Dj-DDS 7 years ago
SmersH, soglasen Klaas sounds like dj solovej... Klaas, enought!
by luffdmitry 7 years ago
good, klass the best
by M.Jhonnes 7 years ago
It was really catchy until 0:47... OH COME ON! Klaas you can do better remix than this piece of shit.
by unit 7 years ago
Блеа, ну Клаас заколебал со своим однотонными трека, ей богу, нотоа не меняется за весь трек, раньше это была целая игра тональностью, а теперь одна сплошная однотипная линия!
by SmersH 7 years ago
very good
by chiipp 7 years ago
by pe3nuk 7 years ago

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